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First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh

A House of Prayer for All People
Worship-Sunday 11 am
Bible Study-Wed. 7pm
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MissionsStone image visible at the front entrance of the church. Text by Rev. Gary Denning, 2012

Seal of the American Baptist Home Mission Society with its motto: “North
America for Christ”. The shield holds a globe positioned to highlight North
America. Left of the entrance door.


The FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF PITTSBURGH partners with the following Christ-centered mission-focused organizations:


The  American Baptist Home Mission Society (ABHMS),   International Ministries (IM), the American Baptist Foundation, and the Pittsburgh Baptist Association, which is a branch of the American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware (ABCOPAD).  In addition, designated offerings to our Deacon’s Fund enable us to respond to emergency needs within the congregation and surrounding community.  Our American Baptist Women’s Group organizes  bake sales and support for various “love offerings”.


Over 100 years ago thoughtful stewards established an endowment that we call the Permanent Fund. It was initially funded by excess proceeds from the sale of our former church building, downtown, to the City of Pittsburgh. Since that time the fund has grown through generous bequests from members of the church and through capital appreciation. We seek to tithe the annual draw from the Fund, along with property rental income in support of various mission causes. In the 2015-16 fiscal year the First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh budgeted over $23,000 in mission support. Our goal is to be a regional leader in support of missions. 

        Various international, national and local mission causes supported include:


       • The United Mission Budget American Baptist Churches, USA

       • America for Christ (ABHMS)

       • One Great Hour of Sharing (ABHMS)

       • World Mission Offering (IM)

       • Retired Minister’s and Missionaries (ABC-USA)


       • Baptist Homes (of Pittsburgh, PA)

       • East End Cooperative Ministries (Pittsburgh, PA)

       • Rankin Christian Center (Rankin, PA)


       • Chuck and Ruth Fox (Missionaries to Thailand)

       • Moises Rocacorba (Philippines missionary)

       • Peter & Sarah McCurdy (Dominican Republic & Cuba)

       • Various other local ministries.