parking in the garage on sundays

Free parking for Sunday worship is available at Schenley Place (via Ruskin Ave).
Schenley Place is located behind the church (map).  

Follow the steps below to enter and exit the garage for Sunday worship.

There is also free street parking on Sunday around the building.



  1. Enter Schenley Place on Ruskin Ave. (pictured left)
  2. Take a ticket and park your vehicle. 
  3. Validate your ticket on the ground level across from the elevators before exiting the building. Tell the attendant you are parking for worship or an activity at First Baptist.
  4. Take elevator to the first floor; Exit at the end of the corridor; Entrance to the church ahead.


  1. Place validated ticket in the machine as you exit. The gate (and door, if closed) will open.
  2. Please leave no later than 4 p.m (on Sunday, following Worship). - 

NOTE: If the side door entry to the garage is locked, walk around to the front entry and flag the attendant at the reception desk.